Frequently Asked Questions

Development of The Magnatech™ System and the process of installation has taken over a decade of research and testing. Each Magnatech Technology unit is manufactured to our own specification using rare earth material.

Our proprietary method of harnessing powerful magnetic technology and controlling combustion behaviour consistently is why The Magnatech Technology System is so effective in delivering both energy saving and reducing carbon emissions that last a lifetime.

Magnatech Technology is a specially designed fuel conditioner that uses high powered magnetic fields. When Magnatech Technology is installed on the fuel line, the strong magnetic flux makes the covalent ties in the hydro-carbon molecules, weaker and this provides a higher combustion temperature from the fuel which is still well within the boilers tolerances.

  • Installing of the Magnatech Technology unit is also relatively simple and there is no need to use any tools or to cut the fuel pipe.
  • Magnatech Technology is installed without stopping the system, so no down time.
  • Magnatech Technology does not need any electrical connection.
  • The Magnatech™ System loses only 1% of its power every 100 years.
  • Magnatech Technology does not need any maintenance or servicing.
  • The Magnatech™ System pays for itself within a very short period of time (usually well within 2 years).

The Magnatech system is a non-intrusive custom designed retro-fit product which is attached to the fuel supply pipe within 1 metre of entry into the boiler. Installation requires no downtime. It consists of an array of mixed polarity neodymium magnets, the configuration of which is determined by the parameters of the boiler. The diameter, thickness and material of the pipe are also factors that determine the number, size and positioning of the super strength anisotropic sintered magnets.

The system works on gas, oil and liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

The system works on any industrial, commercial, or domestic sized boiler.

The pipe size is a factor we take into account, as the magnetic configuration and its penetration through the pipe walls can be rendered less effective if the pipe diameter increases above 6 inches.

Factors which affect the efficiency of the Magnatech system include the flow rate, the diameter of the fuel pipe, the material it is made from and the configuration of the pipework. The kWh output does not affect the results. The Magnatech system has been installed onto boilers ranging from 20 kWh up to 3500 kWh output with fuel consumption reduction ranging from 6% to 18%.

Fossil fuels contain naturally occurring hydrocarbon molecules which tend to group together in what are known as associations or clusters. As these clusters reach the point of combustion within a boiler, because of their close proximity to each other, they are not always fully combusted. This results in reduced fuel efficiency and increased carbon emissions. The Magnatech system consists of an array of mixed polarity, super strength neodymium magnets which are able to weaken the bonds between these naturally occurring clusters and separate them so that they can react with more oxygen molecules. This results in a more complete combustion of the fuel in a process called FUEL CONDITIONING.

The maximum lead time to optimum performance is between 1-6 weeks depending on the material and diameter of the supply pipe. A steel pipe takes longer (4 weeks) than a PVC / copper pipe (6 hours). This period is required to allow the magnetic field to saturate into the pipework. This process causes no harm or damage to the pipework or the boiler..

It doesn’t! Conditioned fuel achieves a hotter flame with less fuel consumption, thus reducing both the amount of fuel and boiler activity required to achieve the pre-set thermostatic temperature. This in turn reduces the carbon emissions produced by the boiler.

A constant base line of consumption, taken from recent utility bills or smart meter readings is required to accurately determine the results utilising a minimum of 3 months data. A mutually agreed fuel consumption baseline is determined based on time and fuel demand parameters which can be compared with future similar parameters for utilising International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP) and/or Heating Degree Day (HDD) calculations. We are happy to assist in this process where required.

Following installation of the Magnatech system and once optimum fuel conditioning performance is achieved, data is collected for 3 months. This data is then compared to the agreed baseline data (using heating degree days (HDD) if necessary). Should the client require a longer data monitor time period then this can be agreed.

As it is installed onto the fuel supply pipe, the system does not come into contact with the boiler or any of its parts. Additionally, the Magnatech units are shielded in order to direct their powerful magnetic field into the pipework so that it does not negatively affect the boiler or any potentially sensitive nearby devices. The temperature increase in the flame is a small percentage and well within the tolerances of any boiler.

Hamworthy and Worcester Bosch, two of the worlds largest boiler manufacturers, have confirmed in writing to Magnatech Technology Ltd that the system will have no negative effects on their boilers. We have installed our units on thousands of boilers dating back over 15 years and have never had any reported issues. We do recommend that the boiler’s air/fuel mix is checked during the next servicing cycle or after 6 weeks from the date of installation to optimise fuel savings. This is something the service engineer carries out as a part of a standard maintenance check.

Fuel consumption can be influenced by a variety of factors, including outside temperature, the temperature of incoming water for steam boilers, for heating systems even the wind and the speed of heat loss can make a difference. Variations in production and demand, alterations to the raw material, new processes being introduced, new leakage and heating loss. The variation of calorific value (CV) of fuels, but most significantly of all are people. So, systems where there is no interference to the thermostat and where there are controlled conditions produce the most reliable results.

The Magnatech System is constructed within protective shielded casings which block the magnetic fields from projecting outward from the pipes, thus protecting anyone or any object from coming into contact with the magnetic fields post-installation. All Magnatech units carry the below Health & Safety advisory:

Health & Safety advisory

The product manufacturers are ISO9001, AS 9120B and IATF 16949 certified. The product holds independent verification from the TRITECH ETV project, an EU funded project to help identify new technologies that are good for the environment so potential clients can buy with confidence knowing that they have been independently verified to meet the manufacturers claims.

We have case studies and detailed results from a range of installation sites available on request. (Please note - Many clients will not wish to release their data as they view this as confidential material. Magnatech only shares studies with pre-approval from the client).

Yes, so have we. This information relates to magnetic products which are sold as diesel and petrol saving devices. We are happy to explain to anyone as to why they do not work and can never work. If anyone reads of a failed Magnatech installation, please let us know as we haven’t heard of one, EVER!

Following a site survey which can be carried out virtually, a quotation is provided and ROI is usually within 12 to 18 months. Once this ROI is achieved you will benefit from consistent additional savings over the lifecycle of the product. The product loses less than 1% of its efficacy every 100 years!

Enjoy a lifetime of savings with no maintenance or ongoing costs required


The Magnatech™ System works on virtually all Oil, Gas and LPG fired boilers and burners. Using 14 years of development with this technology, The Magnatech System is fitted to the outside of the fuel pipes to provide maximum energy saving, depending on:

  • The output of the boiler.
  • The pipe size and material.
  • The fuel type.
  • The Magnatech System saves money by increasing fuel efficiency.